e-Bike Guided Tour


  Pickup from hotel or the closest point accessible.


 Important information

Wear comfortable shoes & clothes

Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen

 Cancelation policy

Full refund at least 48 hours prior to the date of the cruise.

Being one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean Sea,Crete has a variety of breathtaking landscapes for a cycliat to enjoy. Join one of our guided bike tours, ride a high end electric mountain bike and let the beauty and serenity of the scenery take you on a peaceful journey.

Whether you are a professional cyclist, someone who loves to ride a bike or something in between, there is a selection of excursions you can choose from that meets your standards. You will be provided with the riehil equipment that will make this unique journey a safe one. You will be in contact with your guide throughout the ride,who is qualified to asaist in any kind of difficulty both mechanically and physically. 

Get ready to put all your senses to use as you will be discovering Cretan nature in all its authenticity.Your adventure awaits !

  Duration2,5 hours | 4 hours  Departure: 09.00 

   Available Days:  Every Day

 Price from: €50 | €75      

  Suggested for:  Friends, Couples, Family

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